Costume khussa shoes for belly dance

Do You Know About Khussa Shoes?

No? Well...let me share! Khussa Indian shoes are amazing handmade leather flats. They are generally covered in sparkly beads and sequins of hand stretched silk.

These have been around for thousands of years in one form or another and are native to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and North Africa. They go by many names including khussa, jutti, juti, mojari, chappals, Punjabi shoes, and babouche. Technically some of these shoes refer to a specific style, but it generally what the shoes are called depends on the area more than the type of shoe itself.

Wedding Shoes

Khussa Indian shoes are popular as bridal shoes. It's difficult to find cute flat shoes for weddings. Handmade khussa shoe fit the wedding shoe need perfectly!

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Khussa Sizing

With no left and right foot, authentic khussa can take some getting used to. Get the correct size the first time with Beachcombers' sizing template or help from Jody.

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More About Khussa

Learn how to break in khussa for super comfortable flats, how to recognized quality Indian shoes, and about khussa for costumes.

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Shop Khussa Online

Indian wedding shoes are available in size 6-12, whole sizes only. If you need sizing help, see the sizing section of this site. You can shop the current wedding shoe selection in your size by clicking the button.