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Beachcombers! khussa shoes, ethnic Indian shoes, slippers, embellished flats, beaded heels, and more

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Khussa Indian Shoes for Costumes

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Beaded red and gold khussa Indian shoes

Size 6 Khussa Shoes
   Newest Khussa Styles
   Wedding Flats
   Khussa Juti Shoes

Orchid lavender purple beaded khussa shoes by Beachcombers

Size 7 Khussa Shoes
   Newest Khussa Styles
   White Wedding Flats
   Khussa Jutti Shoes

Blue beaded flats, traditional khussa Indian shoes.

Size 8 Khussa Shoes
   Newest Khussa Styles
   White Ivory Wedding Shoes
   Khussa Indian Jutti

Red beaded khussa heels, traditional Indian high heel shoes.

Size 9 Khussa Shoes
   Newest Khussa Styles
   Beaded Wedding Flats
   Indian Jutti Khussa

Black and green shoes beaded khussa Indian flats.

Size 10 Khussa Shoes
   Newest Khussa Styles
   Beaded Wedding Flats
   Indian Juti Khussa Shoes

Bright fuchsia pink khussa beaded Indian shoes

Size 11 Khussa Shoes
   Newest Khussa Styles
   Indian Bridal Beaded Flats
   Khussa Indian Juti Shoes

Gold beaded khussa Indian slippers, flat mules.

Size 12 Khussa Shoes
   Newest Khussa Styles
   White Beaded Bridal Flats
   Indian Jutti Khussa Shoes

Traditional velvet bridal khussa Indian shoes for weddings.   

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Indian Shoes for Costuming
Links & Pictures

Our authentic khussa Indian shoes are very popular to be worn with costumes and period clothing.  A favorite for wedding for brides and their bridesmaids, Beachcombers! khussa Indian shoes show up at some of the most interesting events! 

Beachcombers Indian Shoes have been used for...

Belly Dance Costumes -  Great for American Tribal Style Dance, Tribal Fusion Dance, Egyptian. or Cabaret.  Perfect for wearing with your costume before you dance or if you need to dance on rough concrete or dirty floors.  Typically, traditional style beaded flats or embroidered Indian shoes are best for Belly Dance costumes.White beaded Every After shoes, high heel Indian khussa shoes for weddings and brides.

Danielle's "Just Breath" Dress from Ever After - Our white khussa heels were so popular for this costume that we had special shoes made to imitate the bead pattern of the original shoes.  See the below links for a great site all about the Ever After movie and all the costuming.  Sorry, these are no longer available.

SCA Costuming for Medieval and Renaissance Events - Both khussa flats and heels have made good choices for SCA events.  Typically khussa Indian shoes are better suited to Royalty-style costuming.

Victorian Era & SASS Costuming - We have been told by an expert in this style of costuming that the khussa heels are extremely authentic footwear for this style of clothing.  See the below links for custom SASS costuming and Victorian wigs.

Weddings -  Beachcombers! Indian shoes have been a hit for both traditional weddings and themed weddings.  Brides wanting to wear flats for wedding often have a difficult time finding pretty flats for such a special day (especially in white).  Khussa shoes are also popular for reception shoes so that a bride is not stuck in uncomfortable heels during the wedding reception.

Many savvy brides have discovered that khussa shoes (and often matching glass bangles) make fantastic bridesmaids gifts.  No more barefoot bridesmaids at the reception, lol! 

One of the best things about khussa is that even if you get them for a fancy occasion like a wedding, they can be worn again.  Even the fanciest Indian shoes look great with a pair of jeans! 

Send us a picture of you wearing your Beachcombers! khussa for any event and we'll post it!

SCA & Costuming Links

Costuming site for the movie Ever After and Drew Barrymoore's Danielle.
Ever After Costume Designs - A guide to Danielle's Ever After costumes including the infamous "Just Breath" dress. Fantastic pictures, information, ideas, and links.

The Costumer's Manifesto - This is the most comprehensive site of costume links on the web. If you want it, you can find it here.

Making Your Dreams Come True: Sass Victorian costuming and wigsMaking Your Dreams Come True - Sass Cattle baron ball gowns, day gowns, Victorian hats, and Victorian wigs. Custom historical gowns from ANY period! 

You should see the amazing dresses and wigs on this site!  The owner/costumer (picture to the left) likes our khussa heels for authentic-looking Victorian footwear with her costumes.

They can be found every year at the SASS convention.




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