Breaking In Khussa Indian Shoes

These beautiful flats start of stiff and rather uncomfortable when new, but they will mold to the shape of your feet becoming softer and softer with each wear. There is no left or right shoe when new, but by breaking khussa in, you create a custom left and right shoe specifically to your feet.

Breaking khussa in is easy! Wet your feet and wear the shoes around the house for an afternoon. for most folks that is all that is needed. Every time you wear your shoes they will become more and more comfortable.

For additional break in, wear damp socks with the khussa while you are breaking them in.

If there is any place where the shoes rub, cut a half a cotton ball under a bandage. It will stretch out the shoe a little extra in that area!

Identifying Quality Khussa Shoes

Indian khussa shoes can be worked into almost any fashion style and are a great way to add something fun to your wardrobe. If you are new to khussa there are a few things to look out for to be sure you are getting good quality shoes.

They are so pretty with gorgeous beading an bright colors, that it can be easy to overlook things like stitching quality. Low quality khussa will not break-in correctly, deform quickly, take on a bad odor, and can irritate the skin.

  • Look for khussa Indian shoes made from high quality leather.
    some khussa are made with a inferior leather for the uppers and some use poor quality leather for the entire shoe. This leather is generally not cleaned well which is why they develop an awful smell. Leather than is not cleaned properly, doesn't not break in well.To avoid this, look for khussa with the same color leather for both the uppers and the lowers. The shoes should look and feel stiff, not floppy. The leather should be thick and not look thin.
  • Look for khussa made in Pakistan.
    Though khussa are most often referred to as Indian shoes, they are made all over the world including India, Pakistan, and China. Pakistan is widely recognized to provide the best quality handmade khussa shoes.Khussa leather is cleaned with a process that involves salt. Pakistan has large stores of salt. Salt is not used liberally in Indian and results in a lower quality leather.Pakistan is also well known for quality hand stitching. The worlds best soccer balls are hand stitched in Pakistan.
  • Look for shoes that look like they have good workmanship.
    If the shoe looks slapped together, it is slapped together.  Again, the shoes should look still and sold, not floppy. Though flaws are common in any handmade shoes, the overall stitching and bead work should be nice and tight.Pen and/or stencil marks are common on handmade shoes, especially on lighter colored shoes. This is one of the markers that you are getting authentic khussa rather than factory-made knock-offs. don't worry, these marks normally can't be seen from a standing position.

This will help you identify quality khussa shoes!


Khussa for Costumes

Khussa are perfect for a variety of costumes!

  • Belly Dance Costumes
    Though belly dancers generally dance barefoot, shoes are often need before and after dancing. Outdoor performance often require shoes as do dirty floors.with a variety of colors and khussa styles to choose from, khussa are perfect for tribal belly dance, cabaret belly dance, or even traditional Egyptian style belly dance.
  • SCA Costuming and Renaissance Outfits
    Though not period or location accurate, khussa are an inexpensive way to add pretty shoes to an SCA costume.
  • A Variety of Halloween Costumes
    High heels are not always practical on Halloween and khussa shoes are pretty flats that can work with a number of different Halloween costumes, including Cinderella, Jasmine, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, genie costumes, and more.

Buy Khussa Shoes Online

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