White Wedding Flat Shoes

Beautiful Wedding Flats

Khussa Indian shoes are popular as bridal shoes. It's difficult to find cute white flat shoes for weddings. Handmade khussa shoes fit the wedding shoe need perfectly!

Handmade and covered in beads and sequins, these flat wedding shoes are both beautiful and unique. Only 24 of each pair of Beachcombers khussa are made, making them very unique to your wedding.

These fabulous wedding flats need to be broken in so they mold to the specific shape of your feet. Take the time to do this and they will be some of the most comfortable shoes you've ever had!

Colors for Wedding Shoes

There are two basic white shoes to match your wedding gown, or you can go with a completely different color to add your own personality to the wedding. There are no rules to follow for bridal flats! Wear what you like!

Cool White Wedding Flats

The cool white bridal flats are a bright silvery silk flat shoe with a blue undertone.

These work well for pure white wedding dresses with a color undertone. They do not work well with ivory or off white wedding dresses.

It's unlikely that the shoes will be an exact match to your wedding dress, but generally work well with most bright and pure white wedding gowns. These bridal flats are silk and can be tinted.

Warm White Wedding Flats

Warm white bridal flats are a warm off white/ivory shade with a yellow undertone.

These work well with most off white dresses such as ivory, bone, or diamond white wedding dresses. These do not work well with bright pure white wedding gowns.

It's unlikely that the shoes will be a perfect match, but they generally compliment most types of warm white and ivory wedding gowns. These wedding flats and silk and can be tinted.

Other Wedding Shoe Colors

Bridal flats are not always white shoes. Gold, silver, and blue shoes are all popular with wedding gowns.

Both light blue flats and bright blue wedding shoes are very popular as your "something blue" and look spectacular under any color of wedding dress.

You don't have to worry about color matching if you select a color other than your actual wedding dress color. You can match the color of Bride's Maid dresses or even use the color of your Alma Mater to add personality to your wedding ensemble.

Available in sizes 6-12

Indian wedding shoes are available in size 6-12, whole sizes only. If you need sizing help, see the sizing section of this site. You can shop the current wedding shoe selection in your size by clicking the button.